Spraying seasoning - spraying spices

Spraying spices has many advantages: sometimes you just want a touch of flavor. Sometimes you do not tolerate too much of a spice. Or you do not want to waste the precious spice. Then the use of spices for spraying is just right, because the spice is well distributed on the food.

Here are different possibilities for sparkling spice:

Spray attachment for citrus fruits

You can buy a spray attachment for citrus fruits, with which you can spray directly from the fruit. It is best to roll or knead the citrus fruit first and then cut a lid? and turn the essay on it. Works, you have to move the spray attachment again and again and turn, but you do not get all the juice out of the fruit.

Buy special self-filling spray bottles

I own a stainless steel self-filling spray bottle. You fill the bottle with your favorite oil and possibly spices such as garlic cloves or dried herbs. With the help of a special lid you have to pump air into the bottle before each use to create an overpressure in the bottle. If you then press on the valve, the oil sprays out fine.

As far as the spray bottle works very well. BUT, unfortunately, she has a totally impractical cone shape (bottom wider above). In order for the pumping principle to work, the bottle must always be filled to at least one third of the height but at most two thirds of the height. So, because the bottom of the bottle is so wide, I can spray less than half of an oil charge and see how I use the rest elsewhere before it turns rancid (if it does happen, the oil is used as a furniture polish). So when buying such a spray bottle make sure that the bottle bottom is not wider.

Continue to use spray bottles for sweets

My son once came home with a sugar water spray bottle (looked like a small hand grenade). I find this form of candy terrible, but the bottle was great as a spray bottle for low-viscosity seasoning.

One can salt spray produce and fill in it. Just add so much salt in boiled water until the salt does not dissolve. Then fill the saturated brine with the spray bottle.

But you can also freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice or a ready salad dressing. It must not be too thick.

Buy ready-filled spray bottles

Salt, oil and vinegar are ready to buy as spray bottles made of glass or plastic. When they are used up, you can try to refill them. Maybe the spray head can also be attached to other bottles.

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