Stand-alone washing machine

Your washing machine is totally washed off every time? She literally meets you with the laundry when she hurls? There are two possible solutions:

1.) Check the operating instructions to see if the washing machine has screws (about 20-30 cm long!) For attaching the washing drum. These are there to prevent damage to the washing drum during transport. Leave these inside and start washing, put your washing machine into a 1-A moonwalk at the latest in the spin cycle (personal experience)
The instructions describe where and how to remove them. I even missed it the first time ...

2.) The screws are outside and yet your washing machine is incredibly responsive? Do you have a smooth surface like laminate, parcel or linolium? If so, that's probably the reason. Just take a piece of leftover carpet and put it under the washing machine (it should cover the entire underside of the washing machine, or in any case touch all feet). Your washing machine will be much calmer afterwards!

Individual scraps of cloth under the feet help only partially. An entire surface would be more effective as it keeps the centrifugal force in check.

My New Best Choice Mini Portable Washing Machine | June 2022