Stars from empty tealights

Hello to all Christmas decorators,

What are you doing with empty tealight cases? Just off in the trash and bye? Maybe you want to enjoy it a little longer?

I have a fun and inexpensive crafting tutorial for anyone who would like to enjoy their tealights for a little longer or what remains after they have burned off:

Alusterne from tealight cases

Needed are:

Empty tealight cases (either remove candles beforehand or burnt-out cases),
Rolling pin,
maybe colorful glitter glue

Cut out about 6-7 triangles from the edge. This creates a jagged wreath.

Then bend it down and then roll it smoothly with the rolling pin.

You get an Alustern.

With colorful glitter glue you can decorate it or leave it pure (but look so beautiful). Then you can thread them as a chain or use them individually as a deco pendant.

The stars could e.g. can be used as an outdoor decoration or wind chimes, looks (at least I find) beautiful and not everyone has it!

I think it is a useful waste recycling.

Have fun trying!

Tealight candle magick. | June 2020