Stay fit with exercise and a healthy diet even in old age

Stay fit in old age, how can that be? About my customer success with Intervall fast I have already reported here. But that is not enough, because when you fall back into old patterns, the kilos and discomfort come back faster than you think.

Now it makes a difference whether you are twenty years or seventy as I am. At the age of twenty I usually have a lot of exercise, be it at work or at leisure. You go jogging, dancing or spending hours in shops. In the evening often to the gym.

Most of it, I do not do more as a retiree. It is not so easy for a lot of things and for others you do not feel like it. For example, I do not like going out in the evening. During the day I like to go for long stretches, swimming or cycling. But that's not enough to be fit enough. That's why we thought about something at home.

So I keep fit:

  • I bought a stepper to train the leg muscles every day. This is especially important for me with two artificial hips.
  • In the bathroom hang on the firmly anchored in the wall towel heater, two thick rubber cables with handles. With it I do daily exercises for the arm musculature and the shoulders.
  • In the kitchen on the cutting board, I can attach foam handles for arm bends.
  • An exercise mat is also available in the bedroom and wide rubbers are also used.
  • I use the dumbbells to strengthen the arm muscles a bit. By my decrease that was necessary to tighten the skin again.

Everything is so hidden or stowed away after use that my little apartment does not look like a gym.

That's how I've been getting my weight and my health for almost two years. Of course with the usual healthy diet.

Of course, to control everything and keep an eye on it, you need a reasonable balance. I decided to test the Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 200 product test.


A body composition scale that measures body fat, body water and muscle mass. That's important to me because it depends on my dose of medication.

You enter your body data into the scale and you calculate the calorie requirement, the BMI and that for up to eight people. It is possible to record all data during the weighing process via an app and Bluetooth and thus has stored all its values ​​in the smartphone.

For me that's nothing with the smartphone, because I only have a simple cell phone and use it only to make phone calls.

Me the normal weighing and I can read my values ​​immediately on the scales.

Finally, I can say, I like the Soehnle Libra very well, already by its large illuminated display and ease of use. She stands firmly on the floor through the large thick glass plate as a stepping surface. You can do a lot about the app with the scales, but the simple version is enough for me, put it on top, weigh it, read off measurements for fat, water and muscle, and you're done.

Supported by Soehnle and TheFruitAndFlowerBasket with a free Soehnle product.

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