Sticky stains on PVC flooring: remove with cooking oil

I moved and had the problem that I found in the hallway sticky spots on the PVC. The entire apartment is equipped with PVC flooring, the stains occurred only in the hallway.

The stains behaved like resin, so they only got rubbed if you wiped over them and stuck terribly in the drüberlaufen. No means, what I had helped.

So google tried hard, but really good results did not exist.

My mother then advised me to rub away the stains with normal cooking oil and a paper towel. And lo and behold: it worked. Then wiped normal to get the oil away and the floor was like new.

Highly recommended is the tip but only if you have isolated sticky spots. If the entire PVC floor is affected, the floor may be too slippery.

Cleaning Stains From Linoleum/Vinyl Flooring | May 2020