Straightener as ironing aid

This tip - straightener as ironing aid - helps in two cases.

  1. Surely you have been traveling and you have a blouse wrinkled or a cloth pants etc ... And in the hotel there is no iron, but you have no desire to iron things for money.
  2. For only "small" unsightly wrinkles, woman may use her straightener. Suspend and smooth garments, then with the straightener e.g. pinch an entire trouser leg / blouse sleeve and drive along it. Not optimal but at least a small improvement! Small, hard to iron places will love your straightener! I have e.g. a top which has several layers of ruffles. Ironing each one individually is a laborious process. Simply hang it up and straighten the individual layers with the straightener, after 2 minutes I was done.

Have fun!

PS: It's just a tip, you do not have to use it. If you do not like him, please do not use him. It should also be said that it should only be a help, not a strap replacement.

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