Strammer Max (dark slices of bread with salami and set egg)

2 dark bread slices, mixed bread or so, in a pan with a little oil roast. Remove slices of bread and place on a flat plate. Put a few slices of salami in the hot oil (enough that the bread can be used later). Fry the salami briefly on both sides. Do not be fooled, the sausage shrinks considerably in the pan. Put the salami on the slices of bread. Beat 2 eggs in the hot frying fat. Make sure that they stay separate. The pan should be very hot. Then the egg roasts immediately and does not migrate through the pan. Now put the two fried eggs over each bread salami half.

To taste a little salt and pepper. Ketchup over and done!

A few sliced ​​gürkchen or so as decoration and you have a first breakfast. ;-))
The whole thing is synonymous with ham, Kasseler or something.

German Bread | Wow Emi Ruchi | 13th August 2018 | Full Episode | ETV Abhiruchi | June 2020