Sweet milk breakfast


Preparation time: 10 min.

Here is a recipe from my dad!

When I was little, he often made me "brew" for breakfast (I was very thin and a bad eater).

To do this, he took a small bowl, "brockselte" (shredded) rolls (from the day before) or white bread (may already be dry) into it, poured sugar over it and doused it with hot vanilla milk (stir a packet of vanilla sugar into the boiling milk).

It tasted great and small children, but also big ones, love it and it is a change from the usual breakfast. You can also take rusks or refine the milk with cinnamon, depending on your taste!

Sweet Milk Bread For Breakfast ، نان ناشتا شیرین ☕️صبحانه Naan Nashta | July 2020