Tablet bag made yourself

I had this bag ready in about 3 hours, because a protection for a new tablet was urgently needed. I came up with the idea of ​​simply knitting a bag. (Cotton yarn in different colors I had enough at home and fabric remnants too).

My daughter (you own the tablet) chose the color combination of cotton yarns. So I had 10 different threads (2 red, 2 blue?), Which then became a thick, colorful thread.

I took the thickest knitting needles I had (6 pieces) and began to knit. Before I had measured the tablet and then casually struck 20 stitches.

I knitted in the so-called "lazy pattern" (i.e., back and forth row only right stitches) 1 1/2 lengths of the tablet.

Then I closed it on the side with a crochet hook.

Then we went to the lining - have found a color matching fabric remnant, which I've cut to size - even a quick pocket for USB stick or other sewn on it and then sewn by hand on the inside of the bag.

Then quickly a poppy button searched and found, crocheted loops for the button, button sewn - and the individual case was ready.

How to make a DIY Tablet Cover | January 2021