The 10 Commandments of the Cashmere Snatcher

Many a person who stands in front of you in the cash register behaves so inexplicably stupid that you could slap him. But do not do it; it would be unfair. Because he adheres only in good faith, to the following commandments:

  1. You should not immediately put your goods on the tape, but only when there are two meters of free space between them and the goods of the car in front. But then you should put it on the back of the tape. The sight of the unused space in front of you is to teach your backers to control their impatience.
  2. You should not lay bottles along the treadmill so they stay where they are. But you should put them down, so that they fall over when the ribbon starts, and mate with the goods of your back husband. But if they have fallen over, you should notice this only after a long time. But then you should put them back down so that they fall over again. But your poster man should teach that the separation of worldly goods into mine and yours is only a fool's joke.
  3. Do you really want to put down your bottles, so do not put them on the LONG, but QUER to the tape, so that they roll you away and with the goods of your backer? see above. But do this only if you are careful at the same time
  4. Do not put a divider behind your goods.
  5. Bids 2 through 4 are specifically for empty, lightweight discounter disposable returnable bottles that you want to discard at checkout. You should not smack such bottles so they could save space in the collection bag. Instead, you should leave them their full volume, so that the cashier must rise every ten minutes and exchange the collection bag. She will do this joyfully, because it protects her knee joints. But your backers teach it patience.
  6. When queuing consider: Man should not foresee what would be in the future. Will the cashier of you want to see money? Or will she wave you through, tell you her favorite joke, or lie down on the swivel chair? You can not know it. So do NOT count on change when waiting, do not even think about where your wallet is or if you have it at all.
  7. But only then begin to feel all your pockets for him, when you find out as if stunned that the cashier DOES want money from you.
  8. Crooked minima but do not pay appropriately, but with a fifty-euro note. Because see: Does not every person play several roles on the stage of life, and is not the best part of the role change? So too for the cashier. With joy she knocks a new coin roll every three minutes. But your backers? you know.
  9. But if you still want to get rid of copper money, then this idea should not come to you sooner than when the cashier already changes her fifties. You should say, right? Wait, I think, seven cents I have fit ??. But your backers? etc.
  10. Finally, check your receipt carefully for any irregularities. If you find some, let the cashier explain in detail that the right place for complaints is the information desk. Only in the course of this conversation, realize that you have miscalculated and the Bon is true.

Who wants to take these commandments as a tip, may ask (according to Kant's Categorical Imperative), if he can want to do that ALL, and draw his conclusions from it? :O)

Cashmere - "10 Rap Commandments" | November 2022