The dog well under control with a simple tool

The following idea came to me during the walk and I found it so pleasant that I always do it that way. On the way lay a piece of a branch and I remembered my childhood, because my mom always pulled the sledge ... smart solution, I say only.

So you do the following:

The piece from the branch is simply placed in the wrist strap and covers the stick with the whole hand. The pulling power of the dog (I have a German shepherd mix) is then on the stick and not on the hand or on the fingers. To say that I do not always have my whole hand in the loop, but only three fingers. My dog ​​just pulls every now and then and in some situations, then it is good to have him firmly in control.

But even without the dog pulling on the leash, it is really nice to hold the leash with this aid.

You can also make the whole thing more beautiful by shortening a piece of the wooden / plastic cooking spoon or a wooden broomstick, depending on the size of the dog ... grins. You only need 12-13 cm.

In the hardware store you can also get round wood rods in different strengths.

I would be glad, if one or the other tried the time and then gives a feedback.

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