Thick raspberries without worms

Here's a tip for hobby gardeners: Who does not want easy-care raspberry bushes that produce thick, tasty and above all worm-free raspberries? There is such a miracle. Some years ago I started with 5 "Autumn Bliss" rods.

In the meantime, I can hardly save myself from raspberries. You can get this strain now in many garden centers or on the Internet. Best of all, this type of raspberry blooms so late that a certain insect, which is responsible for the worms and lays its eggs in the flowers, no longer flies at this time. Guaranteed worm-free raspberries guaranteed, approx. From August / September until far into October.

They are quite tall and do not get muddy. The yield is incredible, it is enough for jam, cakes, desserts and for snacking directly from the shrub. But that's not all. Apart from the fact that this variety is resistant to many raspberry diseases and by the late flowering also offers the bees something, one has the advantage that the rods must be radically cut back to the ground after the harvest. So you have no burden with tangled, pricking raspberry rods next year. They multiply rapidly by root shoots. I've already given away tons of it to neighbors and friends.

After a short time you have the same yield with these offshoots. Although there are also some other late-ripening varieties, but their harvest time is so late that it is too cool in harsh conditions again. And since raspberries are originally forest dwellers, they do not need full sun all day long. I have a rather shady garden in a rather harsh climate, and yet my raspberry bushes bring me these great harvest results. Incidentally, fertilizer is not necessary at all; every now and then some compost is enough. And a little corner in the garden is completely sufficient.

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