Thoroughly clean the lawnmower

You do not have to throw away "worn-out" or hair loss brushes that are not (anymore) suitable for painting. They are still ideal for cleaning the lawn mower.

Anyone who has ever turned this device over to clear it of grass and earth remains knows what I'm writing here ...

You then discover pits, holes and cavities that make you think and one wonders why one or the other does not understand why the designer did not process the material more consistently.

In any case, these joints almost cry out to be stuffed with all sorts of filling material, but mostly with compacted grass and soil - in humid-mown grass it is especially "nice".

If you have diverted brushes of various sizes for the device - the harder ones are best suited for this purpose - the use of a hand brush and / or lawnmower brush is actually unnecessary. For me it's two old radiator brushes and two small bristle brushes.

Ok, I'll take the hand brush to sweep it on the patio tops, but the brushes are not that good. I tried it ...

Lawn Mower Repair : How to Clean the Carburetor on a Lawn Mower | May 2020