Tigerbalm red against stubborn plantar warts

For more than half a year I have been tormented by nasty little plantar warts under my feet. (Especially tricky, since I work in a job where women have a lot of work to do.)

  • I've tried everything possible to get those nasty little things away.
  • Cut out
  • The skin gradually removed and pulled out the thorn (BLOß NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I bled, as if I would have to go from the world ... besides, I have been told that the "infected blood" then only better on mine distributed small tears and sprout the little monster then just like this :()
  • All kinds of ointments and creams
  • Insoles

But the real relief came only when an acquaintance told me at work that Tigerbalm helps against it.

I did it that way:

  1. Massage Tiger Balm RED on the affected area and sleep on it for the night :) The whole thing is done until all warts have disappeared.
  2. After three days the poking feeling was gone. After a week, I have removed the skin again and after two weeks, all the plantar warts were gone :) That means, I can scurry back on the quiet foot of the work.
  3. Tiger Balm is not the cheapest solution at Am ** on cost 19,4g 5,50 Euro. And this acquisition is really worthwhile, because the Balm is very productive.