Tinker mini suitcase for the dollhouse

Of course, if the doll from the dollhouse wants to travel, she also needs a suitcase. The doll dad needs a briefcase for the work and the doll child of course a satchel. Nothing easier than that: From matchboxes and patterned paper to create the craziest bags and suitcases.

For a suitcase a normal matchbox is needed. It is pasted with origami paper. Then, as in the second picture cut two narrow long strips of other paper and stick to the right and left around the case. This then acts like leather straps. Then a short strip is cut and its ends are cut to a point with the severity. That becomes the carrying handle. Put some glue on the tips and glue on top of the case. If you want, you can also decorate your inner life with colorful paper. Briefcases or satchels can be made from flat matchboxes.

To make a leather case with edge protection, you need wrapping paper and another paper in darker brown. The matchbox is covered with wrapping paper. Then from the darker paper two long strips are cut as a belt and a short with right and left respectively a tip for the handle, which are then glued accordingly. Also stick the pages of the matchbox with wrapping paper. For the edge protection a total of 6 circles with a diameter of approx. 1 cm are cut. Before drawing the circles with a compass on the paper, cut out and cut them in the middle. Eight semicircles are glued to the corners of the outer box. Cut the other four semicircles again and glue four of them into the corners of the right and left side of the suitcase. The matchbox already looks like an old travel suitcase made of leather.

This is needed:

  • Matchboxes
  • Origami paper, wrapping paper
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • compasses

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