Tinnitus away after dental treatment

For almost 3 months I regularly had a nasty whining on the left ear. After a dental treatment, I have now been resting for 3 weeks.

I'm not a doctor, maybe it's just coincidence, but who knows, maybe it will help someone - and regular checkup at the dentist will not hurt :-)

The story: I never had any ringing noise, but about 3 months ago it started, with no apparent cause, it was just a nasty whining in the left ear.

Everything was checked thoroughly at the ENT doctor, but organic causes were not found. Other triggers (too loud music, too little drunk, ...) did not exist.

I got a blood thinning medication (which also helped a bit) and resigned myself to the "diagnosis" of stress.

3 weeks ago I was in pain with a left molar at the dentist, under an old filling was a bad inflammation, the first time the dentist has calmed down with a drug that will give me for 3-4 weeks rest, then I have one Root canal before. Since the visit to the dentist Fiepen was completely gone.

This morning it started again, the 3 weeks are over, so the Fiepen could be an "acoustic inflammatory signal".

Maybe someone has experienced something similar among you? In any case, I would like to continue reporting after the next appointment.

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