Tippautoren, amateur photographers & filmmakers wanted!

We at TheFruitAndFlowerBasket.com are grateful for the many people who send us daily their household tips, photos and recipes. Only through the many contributions of the community is TheFruitAndFlowerBasket what it is today: a lively platform on the topics of household, health and food!

TheFruitAndFlowerBasket has been around since summer 2003 - for more than 12 years! Great that we can still operate the site today thanks to you! In the meantime, a lot has happened - the Internet is used differently today than it was then: In the past, when you were traveling with a PC or laptop, more and more people are accessing our page via smartphone and tablet.

On the one hand, that's great, because TheFruitAndFlowerBasket is always "in your pocket". On the other hand, typing a household tip or recipe on the smartphone is not as enjoyable as on an "old fashioned" keyboard.

Our appeal to you:

Dear Community!

We appreciate every tip, every picture and every video you send us. We want to make your ideas, tricks and tricks available to a broad public - as a rule, your contributions are eagerly consumed by thousands of readers :-)

As you may know, we reward you monthly with Amazon vouchers!

What are you waiting for? Send us your favorite recipe or pinch your smartphone and take pictures and film your household tips!

All information and the possibilities to send us your contributions can be found here:


We look forward to your tips, photos and videos!