Tips against cockroaches

Here are a few tips against cockroaches. It's been 3 months since I moved into another flat- cockroaches as lodgers. The predecessor had left food left over for a long time and the heating ran at full speed. The encounters with the cockroaches were disgusting nature, here are some highlights:

One copy walked comfortably on the edge of the screen, another crawled out from under the pillow while sleeping.

The animals keep themselves in cracks, under cupboard, refrigerator, sink. They have behaviors and communicate with each other.

The exterminator came twice, the first time many animals died, after the second time there were still all the insects that were hardened by the poison and I was near despair.

In a jar, I added pepper to cheap white wine vinegar and applied the liquid in and on the cupboards.

In the crack and hiding places as well as on the ground I splashed also vinegar. It should be noted that vinegar on floors can produce discoloration and previously check the compatibility in an inconspicuous place.

In addition, traps came into the rooms.

The cabinets were cleared and the dishes stored in a plastic shelf, as well as all food was done in boxes with lid (supermarket).

The method was good, all the animals left their hiding places as if they wanted to escape. I expanded the matter further and wet the soil with plenty of vinegar and before the dark, the insects are predominantly nocturnal.

The traps used had a completely different effect; The crawlers who crawled in there did not die because of a poisonous medium, but because the traps are sticky inside and the bugs stick. Only one or two insects fell into a trap, the animals had to communicate their misery with each other and the effect of the trap was that the others were put to flight.

Good hygiene, cleanliness and fresh air are factors that keep cockroaches away. Likewise, no food leftovers should remain on the floor.

With pepper you can even draw limits, e.g. If you do not want the insects to go out of the kitchen you put vinegar in a line outside the door and sprinkle pepper over it.

It took weeks until the success was visible, at least in the kitchen rest. The last Mohican in the kitchen hid in the burner of a gas stove.

So far, many contributions from forums had helped me. This is my first post, may he help many.

Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Cockroaches | May 2020