Tips for cooking with induction

My mother is totally modern in cooking. She has bought an induction cooker, including oven (which of course is not operated with induction, but quite classic with top and bottom heat, grill function, etc.). To learn the new cooking, we have tried the new device for days. Everything not so easy! But now it's great. I would like to share my experiences with the Mutti community.

The beautiful hob looks like a Ceramik hob. But the technology is totally different. The heat for cooking and roasting arises namely in the bottom of the pot. The wall of the pot is also very warm, even very hot at high temperature. It works like this:

With magnetic field heat is generated

The entire hob is made of glass ceramic. On the large field different cooking zones are marked. Beneath these fields are the narrow induction coils made of copper wire. When a cooking zone is switched on, the following happens: current flows through the copper coils and an electromagnetic field is created. The magnetic pot (or pan) immediately reacts because the soil converts the energy of the magnetic field into heat.

But this only works with induction pots and pans! If the bottom of pot or pan has no magnetic bottom, cooking and frying are not possible. Once the pot is removed from the hotplate, the power will switch off again. The heat disappears immediately, but the pot or pan itself stays warm even if the cooking zone is switched off. The cooking zone itself is then only slightly warm. Overflowed milk or sauces do not burn tight, in the worst case a bit. And that can be easily wiped off with an Accopad.

Benefits of cooking

Induction cooking hobs can be used to regulate the heat very finely. My mother's induction cooker has 18 levels. The levels 1 to 9 are displayed as a number and also every number with a point, which is in each case a half step higher.

Also the retractable switches are great, but they are also available in other models of stoves. The clock has an alarm function, which sets my mother to the time when she wants to take her medication. Of course, there are many functions on the stove, z. A parental control or the power level that we have not studied properly yet. What my mother needs, she has learned. She would most like to attend a course at the Volkshochschule. But she has not found that yet.

In any case, you have to get to know the cooktop with induction really well. You also have to take care of it so that it does not scratch. When all the cooking zones are off and no red light is on, my mother puts a large microfibre cloth on the glass surface to keep it well protected.


For an induction cooker you need pans and pans that have an iron core in the bottom. You can also use old cooking pots and pans (eg made of cast iron or stainless steel).

To test this, take a magnet. If it remains stuck to the bottom of the pot, you can use old pots and pans. However, they are not quite as good as pots and pans that are made specifically for induction. They have the symbol for induction on the bottom and on the packaging: a square with 3 or 5 coils.

Cooking Tips - Thermador Induction Cooktops | January 2022