Tips & Tricks for perfect cleaning of carpet

Depending on the type of dirt and weave, you need to clean carpets in different ways. So far I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned and I was always able to manage it myself.

Not every time you have a carpet cleaner at hand and would not always fall back on chemistry. With the help of some tips and tricks, even difficult stains can be easily eliminated.

  • Fresh spot is best immediately with mineral water (soda) poured over something and absorbed with a dry cloth. Alternatively, glass cleaner works very well.
  • Persistent stains the easiest way to eliminate it is with shaving cream. Spray on, leave on and wash with lukewarm water and a cloth. Alternatively, you could also mix a paste of soda and water, distribute this paste on the spot and brush after drying with a brush.
  • Dark imprints, which can not be cleaned anymore, can be lightened with the help of salt. To do this, sprinkle with moist salt on the affected areas, let it dry and then absorb it.
  • Carpet cleaning thanks to snow. Take the carpet out and put it on a snow covered area. Then tap the back with a carpet beater, the snow absorbs the dirt super.
  • Chewing gum leftovers If it is easiest to remove it first with an ice cube, it will become friable and may be scraped off with a brush.
  • The popular red wine stain can be eliminated most quickly with salt. Sprinkle salt on the spot, let it work in and then vacuum it.
  • Refresh carpets goes very easily with vinegar water (mix 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar). Rub in the carpet and let it dry. The color is refreshed and odor removed.

How To Clean Carpet Stains For Dummies | Carpet Cleaning Review | Home Remedy Cleaning | July 2020