Toilet brush with shampoo replaces harmful Kloreiniger

If you read the many warnings on the commercial Kloreinigern, then you really have reservations about using them. They are also not necessary with regular cleaning with soap and hot water.

And the toilet brush is always fresh with the following trick:

You need a toilet brush, which is in a container, a kind of shell.

In it you fill in 3 tbsp very simple shampoo and put the brush in it. With every brushing the toilet is cleaned and the brush stays clean.
It smells good, depending on what scent your shampoo has, maybe green apple or peach blossom.

After some time, the shampoo is used up, then rinse the container briefly with hot water in the toilet and filled with new shampoo.

There's Actually an Easy Way to Clean A Gross Toilet Brush | May 2020