Too many zucchini? Then fry first, then freeze

With me there are the first zucchinis in the garden. If there are too many, they are carved into pens with carrots, sometimes more, sometimes less carrots.

Then they are steamed briefly in a pot until the zucchinis Leave some water and you feel like they are getting a bit soft. Without addition of liquid or spices. Then drain in a sieve.

I then freeze them in portions of 200 g. I used to froze raw zucchini for a vegetable strudel, so they always seemed so rubbery to me. Short steamed, they taste much better.

The vegetables then come to a minced roast (to 1 kg of meat 2 portions of vegetables), to lasagne, to a vegetable rice, or into a vegetable strudel or at will.

With rice, you can add it immediately without thawing, thaw in other dishes only in a sieve.

Too Many Courgettes? Freeze Them The Easy Way! (You Too Mr Zucchini.) | January 2021