Top up, refill and fill in Tassimo discs

To fill Tassimo T-disks, there is a very simple trick. It does not matter what one fills the discs, the main thing is that it is a saturated mixture. You can also take pure milk, but since the Tassimo still gives a whole piece of water, the result is very thin.

It is best to use a milk / milk powder mixture or a milk powder / water mixture, whereby the latter can be kept for a longer time and it is also possible to fill some of the disks in advance and store them in the refrigerator.

Incidentally, it is very likely that Tassimo also uses a milk powder-water mixture for its original discs because they can be stored at room temperature for a long time.

One can also fill in other things, such as a disc with cocoa-water mixture + a disc with milk mixture = cocoa drink.

The mixing ratio, 5 tablespoons of milk powder and 50-75 ml of water, is only a guide and can be varied.

Instead of water you can also take Bailey's liqueur, also delicious.

But now to the actual trick:

First you go to a pharmacy and buy a disposable syringe with 24 ml volume for about 30 cents. Then you buy a bottle of lighter gas, in which a conical rubber adapter is included (1-2,50 Euro).

Then cut off the outer ring (if present) on the drain of the syringe (Figure 2).

Then push the rubber cone on the output and pull the milk mixture into the syringe and press into the water inlet of the disk, see picture (two full syringes for large discs, one for small). Do not press the syringe too hard into the disc, just so strong that it is tight.

Then turn the disk over quickly and keep it level, then it will not run out. Put disc in the machine and "ignition".

How to refill with coffee tassimo T-discs | April 2024