Transfer honey from the jar into existing empty liquor Bee

Honey from the bottle is more practical than honey from the glass and since I had a glass of honey in stock, came to my empty? Fleet bee? (other equivalent products) just right:

After removing the original label and cleaning I filled the jar of honey into the bottle by means of a funnel:

On the one hand, a small cost savings and on the other hand, more practical in handling, especially since I already had the empty honey bottle.

There are also special honey dispensers made of glass and of course special honey spoons. Here I was only concerned with the disposal of the existing honey bottle not carelessly, especially since you paid with the purchase and also shows the price in relation to the glass.

If you want to be on the safe side, do not refill the same bottle several times, because I can not say anything about whether plasticizers dissolve in the plastic.

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