Treat sunburn: 3 tips to relieve pain

Everyone knows that today he should protect himself from the sun with sun creams. Nevertheless, it can sometimes lead to a slight sunburn, if not creamed on time or the SPF was too low. Once the redness is there, it's time to act quickly. Here are the most important tips, which helps with sunburn and relieves the pain.

As soon as the first redness occurs, it is important not to wait, but to act quickly and avoid the sun. It's best to go home immediately. If that does not work, then at least look for a place in the shade, cream with the highest possible sun protection factor and the reddened skin, for example. Protect from the sun by putting on a T-shirt or trousers.

Cool affected areas

Cold water provides relief against burning on the skin. If you are not home yet, you can cool the affected areas with wet cloths or a wet T-shirt. Even at home, damp crockery or linen towels can be used for cooling. Once the towels get warm, they should be renewed. A shower with cool water also helps. Please do not use frozen ice packs or ice cream. This irritates the skin only in addition.

Note: Some swear by squeezed lemon juice and vinegar. However, I advise against it: lemon and vinegar on sun-baked skin irritate the skin only in addition. Cooling, on the other hand, really relieves pain and reduces swelling faster.

Quark and yoghurt rolls or cucumber slices

In a sunburn, curls with quark or yoghurt work wonders. Applied directly from the fridge on a cotton cloth, they are placed on the affected areas. This cools a bit longer than wet towels. Change the envelopes before the quark gets warm and dry. These envelopes are suitable for mild sunburn. If the burns are so severe that they have already formed blisters or open wounds, quark envelopes are not suitable. In open spots and blisters there is a risk of infection due to the bacteria in quark and yoghurt. When blistering is generally advisable to visit the doctor. He can also prescribe cortisone cream. For burns on the face as well as cheeks and on the nose cucumber slices are good for cooling.

Ointments, lotions and a lot of drinking

If the redness is well cooled, you can cream the affected areas with cooling salves or lotions from the pharmacy. Drinking, drinking and drinking again helps to keep the skin hydrated. Acetylsalicylic acid or ibuprofen help against the pain.

How to Treat Your Child's Sunburn | July 2020