Two-bucket method for windows and floors

Hello everybody, I saw a post on TV some time ago, which I tried the very next day and which totally amazed me. Since then, I have basically been cleaning windows and floors with two buckets and two rags.

Clean windows: A bucket with a small splash of detergent in about two liters of lukewarm water and a sponge, a second bucket with two liters of cold, clear water and a microfiber cloth (can be another rag, works better with microfiber cloths), a puller and a clean , dry tea towel.

The disc (and the frame) is washed off with the "lye", then wiped with the cold water and then worked as usual with the puller. Then wipe the damp areas with the dry cloth. The procedure I certainly need not explain further. The clear cold water contracts due to surface tension and can be removed much better and there are no streaks, which are often due to the cleaning agent residues. The whole works well in full sunlight.

And when Wipe exactly the same: two buckets, two mops (folding wiper). Prewash with the favorite cleaner (sparingly), with cold water directly behind (the lye must not dry). When the underfloor heating is running, you should spread a little more caustic because it should not dry off. The cleaning water softens the dirt and with the clear water you take everything back down. It may be that a lot of cleaning agent has remained on the floor, then it may be necessary to wipe clean / cold several more times. The result: no streaks and streaks and a floor that does not feel "greasy". I wonder how dirty the cold water gets every time.

Since I always only need one to two liters of water per bucket, no one needs to worry about wastage (I can expect about 35 m²). When cleaning windows, of course, depending on the degree of soiling, I do something "fresh".

I wipe in the way my parquet too, but with special cleaner and in smaller sections. Since it costs nothing and requires no additional investment (if necessary, you can also take a bowl in the absence of a second bucket :)) All the best for you?

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