Two checking accounts for a better overview

My tip: Take two checking accounts. (There are also some free checking accounts.)

On the one checking account (usually the newly opened second account) come only the salary payments. From this account may possibly be deducted the rent, since the rent is usually the largest financial item per month.

Then calculate well. Wievel fixed costs I have per month or year: electricity, gas, telephone, club, car insurance, car tax, etc. Convert this to a monthly amount and leave from the first old account as usual. From the second account (salary account) you now transfer the monthly amount to the first account (fixed cost account) which is necessary to cover all fixed costs and increases this amount by 50-200 EUR depending on income and family size (so you save at the same time for possibly occurring additional payments).

If other income such as child support, parental allowance, housing benefit or the like are available, they remain on the first old now fixed cost account. Deduct the other revenue from the fixed cost amount and you know how much you have to transfer from the 2nd account to the 1st account. And now important: the 1st fixed cost account remains untouched, take your giro card and put it in a safe place. For everyday errands, picks up only from the 2nd salary account. So you know how much you can actually spend a month without getting into the lousy.

Two Checking Account System | February 2024