Two ties will make a matching one

What to do if the man's belly is too large for a commercial tie? You make a matching tie from two identical ties with a few stitches.

A tie needs a certain length. In a perfectly tied tie, the top of the tie covers the waistband or belt with about one centimeter.

However, if it is too short, because the belly is in the foreground, "man" has to come up with something, if he looks fashionable despite his stomach.

Of course, there are also ties in excess, but it is for emergencies, so z. For example, in the case of unpredictable needs, also as follows:

Make two out of two

  • The first tie is tied as usual.
  • From the second tie the front part is cut according to the desired new length.
  • The cut off new section of the tie is pushed in the appropriate length under the already tied tie knot, there fixed with needles and sewed after setting exactly as staked.
  • The loops on the back of the upper tie are sewn in addition to the fixation optionally on the lower tie.

Sounds complicated, but it is not:

Actually, just tie a tie as usual and adjust the front of the second tie.

A few invisible stitches and already the front part of the tie is long enough.

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