Ultra Turbo Cookies

If you still want to bake cookies before the festivities (or have to) and can only open a small time window, this little tip might be an option.


  • A proven cookie recipe of your choice
  • All kitchen utensils, which have proven so far
  • A pizza wheel or a knife
  • Possibly. edible decoration or similar



  1. Cook the cookies as usual
  2. Roll out the dough as before
  3. Cut rectangles with the cutting tool (I cut the following size: 6 x 3 cm)
  4. Now take each a rectangle, hold on the right and by laying the left area once half turn on the baking sheet, form a "loop" (left-handed work opposite).
  5. Now bake at the usual temperature and duration.
  6. Then treat as usual. In my pictures you can see how the Russian quark cookies (basic recipe) of Upsi, here from the forum, have developed after baking, then I applied them in a sugar-cinnamon mixture.

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