Upcycling: Retro cola bottle as a colorful vase

Old Coke bottles look so cool. With a little paint inside the bottle, the whole thing becomes a beautiful retro vase.

Granted, not everyone picks up old bottles. But old Coke bottles are great. You can not throw it overboard. That's why I turned them into vases with a little paint. You can use acrylic paint for it. I also tried matt and opaque porcelain, but that did not work.

That's how it's done

First, wash the bottles thoroughly and dry. Mix the color with a little water and fill it with a funnel, a small cup or a cow's syringe. For a 0.2 l bottle, a shot glass full of acrylic paint is sufficient for a uniform covering color layer. Then evenly distribute the color by tilting, tilting and turning the bottle. Drain the remaining acrylic paint, place it in a straight line to dry and then turn it upside down.

This is needed:

  • Coke bottle or other beautiful bottles and glasses
  • Abt√∂nfarbe
  • Funnel, small cup or large syringe

Recycled Glass Bottle Vase | September 2020