Use juice from jelly, jam or jam

Jam / jam / jelly juice - a little tip: I am currently cooking jam from rhubarb or apricot. As I study the subject, it occurs to me that many fruit spreads lose juice, whether cooked or bought, as soon as you open the jar and "hurt" the jellied fruit mass.

This is due to the fact that the gelling substance (usually pectin) forms small "cells" into which the fruit mass / the fruit juice is enclosed. As soon as you remove some of the fruit spread, you destroy a part that "pectin" the pectin and the fruit juice runs out. Stirring in does not do much, as it destroys more "cells" and leaves more juice.

Unfortunately, the leaked juice has the property to flow quite quickly from the sandwich and to make sticky fingers, which actually no one feels really pleasant. As a syrup for pudding, yoghurt, etc., the juice is too sweet for me personally, but I do not like it. So I use this juice to aromatize mineral water: a few drops are enough to give the water a light fruit taste, the sweet effect, however, is kept within narrow limits.

How to Can Jam and Jelly | May 2022