Use oil wipes versatile in the household

A friend had once advised me to use oil wipes for my solid wood kitchen worktop. Instead of a damp cloth I always take an oil-wiping cloth to wipe away crumbs or stains. As a result, the plate is always lightly greased and there is no risk of water spots.

Since therefore always oil wipes are in the house, I have already searched for other applications and found.

Oil care cloths as a brush cleaner: You get oil paint wonderfully from the hands and out of the brush. Aggressive brush cleaner can be saved. Other sticky or greasy substances that stick to your fingers or other objects after crafting and painting, such as glue, paint, glitter, hair spray, superglue ... go with oil wipes.

Oil care wipes as a grease remover: If you want to clean greasy surfaces in the kitchen, such as cabinets, hoods or tiles around the stove, pots, baking trays or grids, etc., you can turn the grease layer or grease stains with oil-based wipes into a harmless greasy film that can be completely removed with a simple detergent solution , Especially on the kitchen cabinets, where I do not brush so often, they are a great help. Again, you save the aggressive fat solvent, which then also attacks the hands. Greasy fingerprints on doors and handles are easy to get a grip on.

With oil wipes against adhesive residues: For everything that the normal dishwasher, washing machine or soap does not manage, I try it with oil wipes: dried food leftovers on crockery and cutlery, glue residue from labels, gum in the hair or on clothing, shoe polish, where it does not belong, ... just try out which spots are fat-soluble.

Oil wipes, if you do not know exactly what it is: When I came home from the walk today, I had something stuck under the shoe sole. :-( With the oil-wiping cloth I got the shoe clean again and he also smelled good afterwards.

The oil wipes also do something good for the environment, The used cloth lands with the dirt in the garbage. So gets less greasy and sticky dirt in the sewage and less detergent. No greasy leftovers will clog more the dishwasher or the drain and then can not cause any bad smell either. Because it is in many cases just a pre-cleaning and the final cleaning with a detergent or soap solution still follows, you can use an oil towel extensively before it ends up in the trash. You can do without aggressive cleaning agents (brush cleaner, degreaser). This, too, is good for the environment, your own skin and your wallet. Buy now babylove wet wipes oil wipes, 1 x 80 pieces babylove wet wipes oil wipes, 1 x 80 pieces 9,93 ?

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is one of my favourite cleaning products! | February 2024