Use overlock yarn sparingly and mix

For some years I sew a lot with an overlock machine. She sews, chains and cuts a professional elastic seam in one go. A great part. The only hook, you need 4 spools at the same time.

At first I took normal thread, but that goes pretty well in the money. Meanwhile, I buy the overlock yarn as Kone with 2500 m. On the Internet you get the already for 1.90? / Piece With a cone holder for 10? It is also suitable for the normal sewing machine. Now we are at 5 Konen yarn per sewing action. Since you can get there for a very long time, it is also worth buying the required colors wisely. It is best to buy 5 different shades for each color. The best fit comes into the sewing machine and into the left needle of the overlock machine. The rest is distributed arbitrarily. So you can gradually get a new color for each different-colored garment. At some point you have the right yarn for every occasion.

The very economical variant for Wenignäher: Buy 3 cones in beige and 1 in the required current color. From the latter, wind 2 bobbins fully and take one each as top and bobbin thread for your normal sewing machine. Stretch the thread of the cone into the left needle of the overlock machine. Do not buy a small expensive Döckchen sewing thread and gradually put on a supply of different colors Overlockgarn.

You can also mix well for the inside

blue / black / gray

red / orange / pink

white / natural / beige

green / brown / beige

Nature / pink / white

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