Use pad box for garden upholstery as a plant container

By misappropriation you can save a lot of money: This tip shows how you can make a plant container from a pad box for garden upholstery.

On my terrace I have a seating group made of weather-resistant poly rattan. The previous large planters from zinc did not fit so well to the set and looked in the third year not so nice: rust on the welds and stained metal forced to disposal. The side of the terrace, which I wanted to equip with large plant containers, is about 8 meters long.

My internet search revealed that buying new weatherproof plant containers would be a very costly affair: containers in the desired size / height are around 100 Euros and 4-5 containers should be.

The price was an absolute no-go!

Looking at the countless types of plant containers, I had the following idea, which would fit well: Pad boxes on wheels for garden furniture upholstery!

  • These plastic boxes for storing seat covers usually have a length of 120 cm and are on average 60 cm high. This is not quite as high as I wanted it to be, but the price made up for it:
  • 20 Euro per box (today bought in the special lot market Thomas Philipps). For spring there are these circulation boxes also at each discounter at a marginally higher price (around 28 euros).
  • The structure is very easy; Tool is not needed; everything is just plugged. Of course you do not attach the lid.
  • After the box was standing, I lined it with 3/4 polystyrene (disposed of packaging material can be found in the public containers of various electrical and hardware stores as well as often in furniture stores).
  • Styrofoam filling does not require so much potting soil (a box holds approx. 320 liters), but also protects the plants from waterlogging and, in winter, from frost.
  • In addition, it avoids that the box breaks apart by the burden. In frost, however, I would attach a lashing strap to the boxes for additional security of the walls Although they make a very stable impression, but sure is safe.
  • Drainage holes in the floor are not necessary: ​​water can easily escape at the inserted sides.
  • The cover (a cavity on the front) and holes on the edge for the tight fit of the hinged lid all around I taped with black insulating tape.
  • Once the plants spread and overgrow the edge, it can be removed again.
  • The boxes match color and design perfectly to my garden furniture and form a coherent unit on the terrace.