Ventilation in a small space

We have closed bedsteads without feet. The mattresses are therefore not sufficiently ventilated, as is the case with beds with feet where the air can circulate.

In the morning, if you only turn or shake pillows and blankets, the mattress will not be ventilated well enough in my opinion.

So where, for example, with the cover, half over the floor? Is not great ... About chairs (armchair) or any stand, which are in the bedroom so pretty much in the way - not too intoxicating.

But who says that room doors are only there to open and close - so door open, duvet over it (maybe even turn around!), Mattresses a piece of bed box and windows open! 10 minutes a day are enough, the best is to ventilate - so open windows that are opposite.

I do this every day, the strongest mite snaps, bet?

Fresh Air Ventilation for Tiny Houses (and big houses too) | September 2020