Versatile use of vacuum sealer

For years I've been using a commercially available vacuum sealer that I've been able to use much better lately. I've found out that not only can you vacuum-weld frozen food and then freeze it, but the appliances can reweld all the films.

So open chip bags, bread bags, pasta, rice and for the sliced ​​bread etc. The break bread / fruit for the children is now freshly packaged and is then tastier and fresher. And there are no more open bags flying around in the storage cabinet. Above all, you do not need to buy the expensive new "hoses", but just take cheap cheap freezer bags of X or Y. Also very suitable for the people who drink a long 500g packet of coffee. Simply pack 100g and then freeze.

I hope you can do something with it, I use it several times a day.

The Valuable, Versatile Vacuum Sealer | June 2023