Very effective natural remedy for cystitis

I had so many bladder infections in my life and now I want to tell you about my experience. I have not needed an antibiotic for two years now, although I used to have to swallow three or four a year earlier because nothing else helped.

Well, I have the so-called bubble sugar discovered. They call him D-mannose. It is not a drug!

It is a specially prepared type of birch sugar (though there is respect for the allergy sufferers). This form of sugar is shaped so that colibacilli prefer to attach to this sugar there, rather than your bladder lining. Drink a lot and then the bacteria are flushed out.

One should not assume that it is so easy, and hardly a doctor knows that: - /. I even gave this tip to my alternative practitioner and in the two years he helped so many people. He is just as excited as me.

The good thing is, you can also take it as a preventative measure ... so, if it got too cold, for example, then I'll just swallow one of the birch sugar tablets in the evening and it'll be quiet again.

We have agreed that four tablets in the acute case throughout the day distributed a 500 mg is the optimal dosage. Usually it's all over after two days :-)

You can buy the D-mannose, among others, on Amazon ... otherwise Googling. You just have to make sure that one tablet contains 500 mg.

I wish you that you also saved as much antibiotics as it has with me, and the whole patient of my alternative practitioner has been so far.

And again: It is no medication, it is sugar from the birch, only processed differently!

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