Warming pad with sheep wool

The Muckelkissen is a natural heat pad, which is filled with sheep's wool. It stores the body's own heat and thus ensures a soothing warmth. It is ready to use. Unlike traditional grain pillows or hot water bottles, it does not need to be heated artificially and can never get too hot.

The heat is not lost, the pillow is always pleasantly warm (hot water bottle / grain pillow cool again). Best overnight just on chest, stomach or back hang up. So it has a calming and soothing effect on abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and cold symptoms.

The heat pad is light and thin, they are also available in different sizes. So they are suitable for young and old alike.

The small pillows (size 1) I always use with my little ones when they have stomach aches, just to fall asleep, they work wonders. The bigger (size 3) I have for myself, I also use in abdominal cramps and back pain. They are the most productive if you place them directly on the skin overnight, that is, under your clothes. They do not slip with the clothes and you get a soothing warmth all night long.

Wool vs Foam - Which is hotter? | April 2021