Warning of putty

Important info for all parents, teens, children: My daughter told me yesterday that my granddaughter (11 years) has mixed two different Knetschleime (at the moment yes, the big hype ...) together in a tin, because of both only there was little.

She then put the mixture on her shelf and left the room (luckily!). Suddenly they heard a loud bang, and when they looked, the whole thing had exploded and green hard crumbs EVERYWHERE in the room.

We're just laughing, but the whole thing is pretty frightening ... Not to imagine what could have happened if she stayed in the room!

So WARNING: Never (!) Mix something together! That gives a chemical reaction!

Maybe there is someone in the forum who can explain the chemical reaction.

There are already warnings that toilet cleaner should not pour together with others in the toilet (developed irritant gas) or steel wool (pot scraper) should not store together with flower fertilizer (auto-ignition) etc. Steel wool burns like tinder ...