Washing clothes 50 years ago & today incl. "Good conscience"

To call an electric washing machine her own was probably every housewife with owner pride. If the one came from the "Gütersloher Qualtiätsschmiede", then one could adjust to twenty years long cooperation.

Was divided into large and small laundry - the big one was machine wash and the small one was washed by hand = wool and the like. The machines did not have a cold wash program yet.

White was cooked, d. H. washed at 95 ° C, then there was the coloreds at 60 ° C and fine at 40 ° C. The detergent department was still clear, ever for cooking, coloreds or wool - oh yes, every half year, of course, the curtain detergent for the pale white window curtains. Tablecloths and damask bedding got the special treatment with laundry.

The soaking of the laundry, was still partially maintained, so quite did not trust this device, which does everything by itself. The detergent with the slogan "because you know what you have" kept what it promised.

Wash - hang up - let dry - remove - if necessary, break in with water - iron - put together and put in the cupboard. Was the laundry clean, spotless, neatly stowed in the closet had the housewife "a good conscience" to have done their job properly. Authorized, I would say.

That with the good conscience was then questioned at some point, if not a fabric softener was bought and used. Towels with scratching effect? Which the skin when drying a little massage and the circulation well, impossible that scratching, is not at all.

Thus, the fabric softener moved into the modern household and the dilemma took its course. The fibers were coated with chemicals (because where does the cuddle effect come from), the household budget a little more burdened, the environment too. The simple scent of clean laundry is overstruck with artificial. Plastic bottles are manufactured and must be disposed of again.

Do I have to have a guilty conscience now, because I pack my laundry only stain-free and clean, but without fabric softener, back into the cupboard and leave fabric softener carelessly in the store shelf? - Maybe because I oppose economic growth or no, because my skin and the environment thank me?

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