Water my installation to the balcony

Now it starts again: how do I get a lot of water, without blemishes, to the balcony with little effort? I bought a hose reel with a retractor last summer. Under the sink, I have a branch with faucet - as for a dishwasher - installed. The hose pulls out and purrs back, like a vacuum cleaner cord. Why?

From the kitchen to the balcony I have 9 m wood parquet plus bright carpet. I have plenty of plants and tubs. First I hauled a lot of jugs - I always had something to drink. Then I bought a spiral hose. He always got tangled. The screwing on the tap of the sink was also quite a fumble.

And now I'm very happy with the hose reel. Saves strength, time and frustration. When buying, pay attention to stable quality ... e.g. with brass connection. And if you need 10 m, you should buy the drum with 15-20 m, because the last few meters become heavier.

I bought another good pistol. It has a "stop" and flow control. When I'm done, I wipe the gun and the front hose dry. I have about? 80.- issued. The internet offers a lot, in the hardware store the quality was not that great. Especially for older people like me, I can highly recommend this solution. 2 neighbors in the house want to follow my example. P.S. I have already written this as a comment.

Balcony assembly: Tile installation with drainage, waterproofing, and uncoupling | June 2020