WD-40: All-round help in the household

WD-40 is an aid (all-round agent) for many different situations and areas in everyday life and household.

First of all, you should know that I am not promoting the product, but only recommend it to you, as it has helped me many times. I do not get paid by the company just to avoid any comments about products and advertising.

I often use the WD-40 compound for squeaky doors or for the windows, besides, it loosens very well stuck rusty screws. But I also like to use it when a zipper is jammed. Apply and rub some WD-40, everything works again.

Lately, two glasses stuck together, so I took some of the agent and dripped it between the glasses, after a few seconds, they broke apart super easy, later wash off well.

Today I cleaned our fridge and I saw that in some places, small splashes had settled on the glass shelves of fruits and other vegetables. The stains were very difficult, since they were already dried. So I took a few drops of WD-40 on a rag, distributed them on it and immediately everything was wonderfully removed, then simply rinse well again that no residues remain.

I am very satisfied with the WD-40, it is cheap and useful for a lot, so my tip.

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