What do you do against hangover and when the bed turns?

Tips that my big brother gave me can be wonderfully confirmed:

What do I do against cat?

  1. Be sure to drink plenty of water before going to bed. Since the alcohol draws water from the body (and then causes the hangover) that helps amazingly well.
  2. If you have already arrived the next morning and have forgotten to drink water, in no case throwing coffee afterwards, the body drains only more water. The best way to do it is with homemade lemonade. Lots of ice-cold water, lemon juice or ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder) and some sugar. It gives the body the water and wakes up faster than any coffee.

My bed is turning ... help !?

It may sound stupid, but it's a very simple psychological trick: get out and slow down.

And here the ultimate bonus tip, untested but with effect guarantee:

I see everything twice!

You have two eyes, if you hold one you will most likely just look easy.

Scientific Alcohol Hangover Cure: Being Hungover Is More Than Dehydration | September 2021