What to do in case of credulity or old age stubbornness?

As the Human Genetic Institute on the right of the Neckar (H.I.rN) and the Nuremberg Age Inventory Association (NAIV) in its joint annual report of 201 has found, you will find on the guidebook pages in the network heaped two types of users suffering from neuronal dysfunctions. These make themselves felt either as Efkolodody (gullibility) or as senile Obstination (old age stubbornness).

Scientists at the HIrN have discovered that Efkolkody is a serious genetic disease. While senile obstination, as the NAIV writes, is usually a condition occurring in the second half of life that is due to the breakdown processes of certain cognitive functions. If you are worried that you are among those affected, read about the background of the diseases below. If you are looking for quick help, focus on the medical and alternative treatment options mentioned in point 4. However, always pay attention to the warnings at the end of the article, because the reading can not replace a doctor's visit.

1. symptoms and complaints

Efkodyism is the name given to the impairment of autocratic brain function. The disease itself is largely free of pain and complaints, which is why the victims often unknowingly go into critical situations and unprotected informative-looking statements of other people believe, be it the tips on the Internet, in popular science magazines or self-appointed professionals in kinship or circle of friends. If there are efkolodoxastic episodes, the diseased persons often have mild to moderate credulence and can suffer from the psychological and physical consequences of these episodes. The spectrum here leads from hurt or teasing to physical illnesses that occur due to gullible adopted nutritional or exercise tips. Symptoms of a completely different kind are shown by senile obstination. Affected, even "stubborn"? These patients only recognize their own decisions and habits that have become habitual as the only correct and valid ones. Reading tips on the guide pages only happens to those people to comment on the deviations from their own guidelines. Self-imposed isolation or exclusion from society are often the tragic consequences of this disease.

2. Causes

Scientists of the H.I.rN.s have now found out that Efkolodowy is genetically conditioned. It is the Blauau gene (BA gene), which i.a. can be diagnosed by blue-shining iris of the gene carrier (blue-eyed). This gene provides for hyperindigosemia, i. an increased concentration of bleuocytes in the blood. The symptom has already been discovered by surgeons in the Middle Ages. However, since they only treated wealthy aristocrats, it mistakenly went by the name of "blue bloodyness". into the genealogical history of science (see genealogical lexicon). However, the BA gene mutation has a much longer history: scientists at the HIrN have confirmed their findings in genetic engineering studies on a human skull found during excavations. The approximately 2000-year-old skull obviously belongs to a BA gene carrier, still recognizable by the blue-colored iris and parts of the frontal lobe.

3. Risk of disease

Carriers of the BA gene can live unrecognized for years before the first efkolodoxastic episodes occur, which are unremarkable in infancy, but if they are not treated from the age of 6, you can lead to violent Credulenzanfällen in adulthood. When literacy of affected children, it is important to focus on the differentiation of X and U, so that they are not later subject to the deception of others.

The frequency of these seizures is subject to regional and seasonal fluctuations. In central Europe and the Anglo-Saxon area, the cumulative winter-to-summer clump of credulity and exploitation is particularly noticeable at the beginning of April, while in Spain and Latin America there is a statistical peak of December 28 (Día de los Santos Inocentes) episodes ,

4. Healing or self-help?

In the case of genital diseases, healing in the true sense is not possible, but those affected can learn certain behaviors in order to avoid efkolodoxastic episodes and in this way to take preventive measures for Credulenzanfälle. Sharing with other sufferers can make life easier with suffering. Ask the local public office if there are already Credulence self-help groups within reach. There you will find more information about the disease, about aids and human genetic counseling. The age of entry into the obsession with old age can be significantly delayed by early attendance of self-help groups and appropriate training (see point 4.4), and even completely minimized.

4.1 Drug treatment

//lexikon-alternativ-heilen.de recommends the Schüssler salts No. 20 with credulity. Potassium aluminum sulfuricum, No. 3. Ferrum Phosphoricum, No. 7. Magnesium Phosphoricum. For stubbornness, the same side recommends the Schuessler salts No. 2. Calcium Phosphoricum, No. 27. Potassium bichromicum, No. 8. Sodium Chloratum, No. 9. Sodium Phosphoricum.

TheFruitAndFlowerBasket editors expressly point out that this treatment is not FM-approved and that it assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of third-party website content. Doubts about the effectiveness of Schüssler's salts in credulity or stubbornness is more than justified. It is obvious that in cases of cirrhosis or senile obstination glauber salts or suitable fruits and vegetables should be administered. However, it can not be called a universal therapy here. Ask your doctor or pharmacist which form of Glauber's salt therapy is recommended for Credulenz, or which fruits in senile fruiting can help.

4.2 Contrast optimization in the kitchen and living environment

As stated above, credulity is caused by too high a concentration of the bleuocytes, ie the blue blood dye. This can be counteracted by contrast optimization with complementary color. Enrich your diet with foods that contain carotene, somonin or orangin: carrots, pumpkin, salmon, oranges, yellow and red peppers and apricots or z. Homemade carrot and orange jam. Carrots have long been known to provide good eyes and a clear view. In return, blueberries or blue-acid foods such as almonds should be avoided or only enjoyed together with sufficient contrasting color, for example by spraying everything with freshly squeezed orange juice. In senile obstination, which has nothing to do with the BA gene, please always pay attention to a color-balanced diet.

No relief of symptoms has been found so far by the administration of artificial beta-carotene capsules. In contrast, the optical change in diet on orange crockery and cutlery, as well as the use of carrot-colored household textiles (potholders, napkins, placemats) has a very positive effect. In case of senile obstination pay attention to a well-balanced room design.

For seasonal decoration, it is essential to use spectral colors in the wavelength range of orange light with a wavelength of 585? 650? in nm. Suitable decoration examples are available here in the form of Easter eggs and candle lighting. Likewise, an orange-colored sunglasses can neutralize the blue-eye tolerance bilaterally or wearing orange glasses that you can easily make according to attached instructions. Simply print on sturdy cardboard and cut out. Make holes for the pupils at a distance of 7 cm and punch holes at the edge, through which you can guide a rubber band.

4.3 Pay attention to the source

Anyone who suffers from credulity should make it a habit to always pay attention to the indication of the source, because information from an unfair source is no good. It does not necessarily have to be water from an expensive spa. If you are unsure, you can call the local waterworks and ask free of charge, from which source the water supplied for the place of residence originates and whether it is suitable for the Credulence therapy. In many areas of Germany, for example, the source is the very wholesome? Kranenberger Gold? also known as the "pipe pearl". The enjoyment of this water from orange cups or drinking glasses intensifies the effect of Credulence therapy. With stubborn obstination, unfortunately, it shows little effect. The administration of carrot juice has an overall positive effect on the neuronal mobility, the associated increased cognitive functions and the perspective.

4.4 Exercise and gymnastics

Good news to those who suffer from credulity is the following: The BA gene, which is responsible for credulity, is not the only genetic source that you carry. Every human being also possesses the HiF gene, whose effectiveness can significantly reduce the weight of the BA gene. Its function only needs to be activated, which is possible even in advanced stages of old age stubbornness. The following simple gymnastic exercise causes the HiF gene, so to speak. The exercise can be performed while standing or sitting and consists of two positions that are always taken alternately:

Place your right hand on your left buttock and tap on the right temple with your left index finger.

Now tap the left temple with your right index finger and place your left hand on the right buttock.

One hand is guided in front of the body over the vertical middle of the body, the other hand is guided BEHIND the body over the vertical body center. By changing these two positions, the right and left halves of the brain are optimally used and networked, thus stimulating the ability to think and to judge. An even more intense effect is experienced when one simultaneously names the gene to be activated, in the truest sense of the word.Say the name of the gene loud and clear at the rhythm of the movement:? HiF gene? or the full name of the gene, d. H. (? Inquiry? -? Gen?) Calls. This exercise is always appropriate if you run the risk that your own credulity will be exploited by malevolent people or that your own obsession with your age prevents you from participating in social progress.

5. When to the doctor?

If you have followed all the advice so far and feel no improvement, print out this tip (be sure to pay attention beforehand to the connectivity of the W-LAN cable!) Alternatively, you can copy the tip by hand, do not forget the date of publication!) And search See a doctor or pharmacist immediately. Do not go there alone, but ask a relative, friend or acquaintance to guide you there. Pay attention to the weather conditions and a possible cold snap (do not let it lead you to ice!). If you have a nose piercing, remove it immediately, you run the risk of being led around the same!

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