With alcohol-free sparkling wine well through the New Year

It is called Versecco, Grape Secco, Prisecco or Light. Alcohol-free sparkling wine is trendy. He has only 29 Kcal per glass, he tingles and foams. Ideal for women who are pregnant or nursing and for athletes in the training program.

He is also popular with those who want to keep their heads off. And those who take many medicines must expect alcohol to change their effects. As alcohol-free sparkling wine is a great drink to toast in good company!

He is a drink without side effect but full of power. Because all ingredients of the grapes are preserved during dealcoholization. Especially the polyphenols that are contained in grape skins, kernels and stems. These have an antioxidant effect. That means they protect the immune system. Also magnesium, vitamin E and flavonoids are included.

Completely non-alcoholic is this "foaming" drink made from non-alcoholic wine? though not. The residual alcohol content is less than 0.5 percent, most varieties have between 0.05 to 0.2 percent. Is it higher, is the drink called "reduced in alcohol"?

product recommendation

  • Ernst Bretz: grape secco alcohol-free
  • Vineyard Fuchs: Versecco dry / Versecco medium
  • Manufactory Jörg Geiger: Prisecco
  • Discounter Lidl: Light live

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