Wooden knitting needles do not break anymore

Once again, I put my knitting next to me and, the next time I sit down, I lean on a needle :-( Even guilty, so starting to buy new ones, but that turned out to be a stroke of luck because the owner had just come back from a trade show and the KnitPro Needle Protectors (round needle protection) recommended: There are three pieces in the pack (maybe one for the girlfriend ?!).

They are made of light metal and as long as the screw-on needle points. At one end they are open, at the other end provided with a silicone cover, in which an elongated slot is incorporated. If you want to put away the knitting, just insert the needle points in this slot: You notice that it is elastic and tightly enclosing the needles. Then push the needle tips completely into the aluminum tube and dada: they are completely "sunk" and can no longer be damaged! The needle tips do not slip backwards, because the silicone opening is too tight - only by gently pulling, they are pulled out of the aluminum tube for knitting again. It fits all types of needles of thickness 2.5 - 5.5 mm.

Here's the KnitPro round needle protection

In addition, KnitPro has brought a similar system on the market, so we can put away our needles games (yes, after all, 5 knitting needles) permanently and suitable for transport, protected - also ingenious:

Here you will find the needle play tubes for storing needle games

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