You can really find bargains in classifieds

We were looking for a suitable guest bed, but somehow everything did not fit. Too expensive, too small or too big.

Since I myself like to offer things in classifieds and have already sold a lot about it, I searched and found the real leather couch, 1 year old and easily extendable to bed.

I've only paid 99, - Euro for it and the visit, which we had so far, slept very well on the couch.

The owner was super nice and did not even want to have a down payment when looking at the couch and our purchase intent.

This has been the best "deal" we've done on classifieds and I think it's worth taking a look around, even if it takes some time.

Have fun browsing through the offers.

How to Find Bargains on Antique Glassware by Dr. Lori | April 2024