Zettelsammlung with mousetraps

A funny idea to bring some clarity into chaos:

Take a wooden plate, e.g. 50x70cm and paint them in the desired color (this is not necessarily necessary for natural wood - looks so beautiful). If you use blackboard paint, you can label the surface afterwards with chalk.

After drying, the mousetraps (as unused as possible) are nailed to the wood. Distribute 16 pieces evenly in 4 rows of 4 traps. Of course, the traps must not be stretched - risk of injury! (You can also attach a taut account for the passbook :)
The open hanger points down and below you can clamp all sorts of notes and notes.

Now just hang the whole Konstrunktion on the wall and look forward to ...

#19 ► Marbuk’s Zettelsammlung ◄ Risen 3: Titan Lords | July 2020