Grow and grow tomatoes

How do I properly grow or grow tomato tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be grown in the garden (outdoors), in the greenhouse or on the balcony. The following tips should be considered when growing tomatoes. Principle: Tomatoes like it warm, wind- and rain-protected!

The tomato seeds

The seeds are available in specialist shops and in the supermarket in great variety. Garden experts recommend the old tomato varieties, as they should be significantly more intense in taste.

If you want to buy the seeds instead of buying directly from the tomato, you should make sure that the tomato is seed-proof. Tomatoes from the supermarket are usually hybrids, which makes it extremely difficult to harvest semen and is often not really worthwhile.

Sowing the seeds

We start sowing the seeds in mid-March until mid-April at the latest

  • For this purpose, fill the seed box with cultivation soil (about 5 cm high)
  • Put the seeds about half a centimeter deep into the soil and fill the hole with soil again
  • Moisten the soil thoroughly with a water sprayer and place the container in a light and warm place (we recommend the windowsill)
  • Repeat the spraying process several times a day

Repot plant

One week at the latest 14 days after sowing the seeds should have germinated completely. If the two cotyledons are developed and the third cotyledon is visible, can be transplanted. To this end, plant the tomato plant individually in a pot (diameter approx. 8 - 10 cm) so that the cotyledons are just sticking out.

Plant young plant

After the icy saints (May 20), the young plant can be transplanted to its final place? become. For this purpose, the tomato plant should have reached a height of about 30 cm.

For cultivation in the field, the soil ball and young plant are slowly released from the pot and planted deep in the soil. Now the plant is attached to a wooden stake. As a rule, cherry tomatoes must be spiced out. This means the young side shoots of the tomato plant are removed and leave only the three main drives. Subsequently, it must be watered and fertilized regularly.

Grow Lots of Tomatoes... Not Leaves // Complete Growing Guide | August 2020