Make egg candles yourself - pour candles for the Easter season

Candles pour for Easter.

Now it's almost time again, spring and Easter are coming. Did weather today times my craft stuff digged out and that's among others come out of it.

You need per egg candle:

1 half eggshell (previously rinse carefully with hot water and a little bit of fit and let dry for at least half an hour on the heater)
1 wick (available in the craft shop)
Candle wax (leftovers)

And off you go:

Carefully pee into the halves of the eggshell on the ground (using a needle or a thumbtack) and push the wick through the hole to make a knot - outside.

Then wrap the wick around a toothpick and put it on the eggshell, so it does not fall in while pouring (see photo)

Then put the eggs simply in an egg pack, so they are best watered.

Now to the wax:

Simply cut old candles with a knife (if you have, you can also melt different colors one after the other, the more colorful the candles become) and fill them into a tin can. Put this tin can in a water bath and let it melt.

When the wax is liquid, carefully pour into the already prepared eggshell (touch the tin with tongs or thick pot holders?

Allow to cool and dry and ready! (If the wick is too long, just cut it when it's dry)

Look nice on the breakfast table. Put in fireproof egg cup and enjoy it. The imagination has no limit?

Easter DIY - 3 different egg candles ????????️ | May 2020